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Summary of the course:


"The life cycle of the molar" or the "Circle of Death", where a small filling can eventually lead to loss of vitality or even extraction of a tooth, is well known in dentistry. However, clear strategies and guidelines have not yet been proposed to prevent this scenario. A thorough understanding of the biomechanical behavior of teeth, both healthy and restored, at the macro and micro level is important. This enables us to come up with effective measures to save teeth and be less aggressive in our treatment proposals. A proactive approach will be proposed, both for vital and non-vital teeth. This course will address the importance of early diagnosis, sound strategy, effective isolation and skillful execution.


"Beyond the theme itself, Stephane has managed to change something in me.

I am glad to know that I am not the only one with fear of the risks of treatments and that that is my biggest brake. A whole lot more tabletop inlays have been recommended here in recent days. Because it just has to be done after endo, apart from my thoughts such as: am I going to be able to do that here, will the patient not think that I am foisting him on expensive treatments, etc…"

"A fascinating subject for which I had been looking for a good course for some time, because it fits within my specific practice (adhesive dentistry under rubber dam and microscope). Cool way  of teaching, Stephane could easily keep my attention for the full course."

"Speaker who genuinely wanted to share his knowledge.

The questions of the participants were listened to carefully and answered with useful information.

Was able to present patients as I encounter them in my practice (people are not sufficiently aware of the value of their teeth and must be motivated to invest in them)"

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This online course offers :

  • More than 6 hours  content

  • Downloads of publications and flowcharts

  • Coupon Code of  50,-€  for individual coaching with Stephane

  • 1 year full access 

Start the course now and upgrade your insights and protocols to become more predictable in treating posterior teeth with cracks.

429,- € VAT included


Your understanding of how cracks oroginate will help you in your preventive approach, diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

You have switched from a passive neutral to a proactive approach in treating cracked teeth.

You have found a step-by-step plan that enables you to increase the predictability of your treatments.

You have become more communicative and stronger. You are able to inform the patient about the importance of your proactive approach while guiding him in making the right choices.

During the course you will receive answers to the following questions:

  • Which diagnostic tools can I use?​

  • How do I propose a treatment plan for a tooth with an uncertain prognosis?​

  • Which materials can I use for my restorations?​​

  • What about Deep Margin Elevation?​​

  • Can I work fiber-reinforced?​​

  • Do I opt for direct or indirect restorations?​

  • Endo or no Endo?

  • How, where and up to what level do I chase cracks?​

  • What guarantees can I give?

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1/3d Science

1/3d Clinical work

1/6th Communication

1/6th Skills

1 pinch of Courage

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