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What is Focus Academy

Mountain Range

1. Focus Academy is all about helping you to reach higher peaks.

Our trainings integrate proven teaching and coaching methods to help you reach your goals and exceed your own expectations. We are proud to create a platform for growth.


2. All courses are made and conducted by Stephane Browet.

Stephane treats topics well within his area of interest, passion and expertise. This allows the trainings to be highly effective and to the point. He also invites experts in their field to contribute to your growth.

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3. All courses come with study material.

Together with course notes you will also receive plenty of study material in the form of a reading list, articles. Mastery is an asymptote.

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4. You are our priority, our community is your vitamin.

Training, teaching and coaching are on a personal level. From individuals to small groups or bigger crowds, let's keep it personal. Life is the purest form of continued education. Stay in touch and share the wisdom.

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5. United colours of Creativity.

Our trainings stimulate your brain and touch your soul. Develop your creative skills to enlarge your problem solving potential in your quest for Mastery. Our unique approach will leave you in awe of your own progress.

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Our Services

Our personal growth services gravitate towards 3 types of sharing.


From 30 minute Keynote presentations to full day lectures.


From workshops to masterclasses, retreats and team buildings.


From individual coaching to Mastermind Group.


M.G., Dentist

It was a super nice course. I had never attended one of Stephane's trainings. I like his style. No beating around the bushes but straight to the point with all "emotional" obstacles called as they actually feel ;-). I can really appreciate that. The passion and unprecedented precision of his work are admirable.

Fantastic course, the best one I attended in ages. Absolutely worth the investment.

Business People Having Fun

It was a very good exposé, from a nice clinical perspective. Stephane is enthusiastic and approachable. I was able to immediately apply the learnt strategies.

A.F., Dentist

M.D., Dentist

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